September 19, 2018

YouTube Demo for my Film Project

Get the book! Now available on Amazon, here:  Mary Magdalene: A Historic Novel

Sneak-A-Peek of my film theme/music through this short Demo clip.  The Mary Magdalene film by Sandra Cerda is in Development and Team Building!  Join us!  More, here:

Facebook Page: @MaryMagdaleneFilm

Magdalene: For Life & Love (c) 2017 by Sandra Cerda. All Rights Reserved. Music, Mary'Cry (c) by William Camilleri. All Rights Reserved.

My Film Project in Development!

The Novel is now available in Paperback and E-book on Amazon, 

My Book/Film Project, Mary Magdalene: A Historic Novel, is a biblical and historically balanced story embracing the legacy of Mary Magdalene, is nearing Pre-Production. 

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Music by William Camilleri, Mary's Cry (c) William Camilleri. All Rights Reserved.

(c) 2017 Sandra Cerda. All Rights Reserved

July 02, 2017


Recently on a trip to the edge of my borders, boundaries and blessings, I grabbed a kite and headed for the Texas beach just a short drive away.  With my little ‘Star Wars’ kite in hand, I darted for the crashing of the waves over the crashing of toxic relationships.  I was going to

June 04, 2017

An Evil Man

Photo Courtesy of National Health Executive
Taunts and haunts are the first images; first recalls from a memory bank shrouded over with thinly laid layers of tears that have dried up in their place.  The fierceness of fear gripping the heart of a child, just three. The frigid grip on that heart, as it’s ripped from its sleep, night after night. I remember the screams of my mother. I remember, at twelve, screaming,

June 02, 2017

Death and The Quickened Child

Gently slipping my hands beneath her little face, I lifted it from the sweltering heat of 3rd Streets surface, that hot summer day near Houston.  She had been singing and dancing for Jesus all morning that Sunday only moments earlier, and hadn’t stepped out too far when the ¾ ton Ram Van tore her from her mother’s hand.  Church had just let out.  

Her hair was caught in

May 17, 2017

STRETCHED: Make Room for More

Once a stretch mark, always a stretch mark!  Have you been stretched?  I know our flesh often is, but what of who we are in spirit?  My life is marked with the stretches of my...

April 02, 2017

DIGGING DEEP: The Fallow Ground

Sandra Cerda is a Contributing Writer for Sibella Magazine.  For more on Sibella Publications, visit their website at:  Sibella Publications

(c) 2017 Sandra Cerda and New Life Ministries, Houston TX.

March 03, 2017

Trusting Patience

Sandra Cerda is a Contributing Writing for Sibella Magazine.  For more on Sibella Publications, visit their website at:  Sibella Publications  Contact, Toll Free:  1-866-939-2309
(c) 2017 Sandra Cerda and New Life Ministries, Houston TX

September 27, 2016

Watch God Move!

Shake off the dust, of complacency and excuse... it's Time to Rise!  It's time to Fight.  Take your position and Stand, and see the Delivering power of the Name of the Lord.  

Sandra Cerda, Taking it by Force. 

"And from the days of John the Baptist

until now, the kingdom of heaven suffers
violence, and the violent take it by force."
                                                            Matthew 11:12

(c) 2016  Sandra Cerda for Sandra Cerda Ministries.  All Rights Reserved.

August 18, 2016


I held her as tight as I could, shielding her from the 2x4 that was about to slam into my face... I was three months pregnant; she was five months old. 

Read about my fight to survive with my babies, here:  Fighting to Stay Alive!

My Interview with Jacob Airey!

Please take a minute to read this JUICY interview!  You'll discover

My 2017 Acceptance to Sibyl Magazine!

Here is the article I submitted to Sibyl Magazine, gaining my acceptance to their prestigious board of contributing authors; I have been chosen to be one of sixty women authors

September 21, 2015

If you only knew what I've been through!


I was born last Friday... today is Monday.  I was not supposed to be able to be here.  My mommy began to get very sick several years ago, while she was pregnant with my brother, just before me.  He

September 09, 2015


  She was offered $25,000 for her unborn child; she is 12 weeks pregnant.  23 year old single mother of two, found herself thinking seriously about this option.  
Now, she had another option, other than abortion or having yet

July 09, 2015

S.O.S. Youth Crusade

Save Our Streets, Save Our Students, Save Our Schools.  This is the thrust and passion of what promises to be a pivotal, turning point for community young people in Rosenberg and Richmond, Tx.

Organizers are anticipating great results as